Learn How to Transform Yourself with the support, guidance & joy that professional organizer, alison kero brings to each session

Below You Can Book a Private or Family Session with Alison. Alison is also available to work with companies or for speaking engagements. Please contact Alison at: 646-831-9625 or akero314@gmail.com to inquire. 


Total Life/Home/Office Organization for Individuals

Save $500! by paying for all 10 sessions at once! That's less than $150 per session. Includes 1 year of support upon completion of 10 sessions.

Perfect for individuals looking to learn new skills and tools to clear out physical, emotional and spiritual clutter in their homes, work space and lives. In just 10 sessions Alison will map out a personalized plan to help you clear out clutter in your entire and help you keep clutter away forever. She will also intuit which blocks are holding you back and help you to start making decisions that lead to success.

During your sessions, Alison will help you prioritize your goals and then map out a plan of action.  She will also:

  • Determine whether to sell, donate or trash any items no longer wanted. Alison will then help you determine the best source for you to sell or donate your items.
  • Research and recommend furniture and/or organizational products to help you achieve your goals, if needed.
  • Teach you how to increase your storage space by decluttering and arranging your items to look more attractive and utilize less space.
  • Provide ongoing support and guidance to help you determine your current organizational blocks and teach you simple techniques to easily move past them.

Sessions can be booked either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly but should run consistently for best results. 

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1 Hour Personalized Session

For clients who are looking for a personalized session to focus on 1 topic of organization. Perfect for those looking for in depth guidance and support to handle 1 area of their home, office or life that needs additional organizational systems put into place in order for them to become effective.

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Total Home/School/Life/Work Transformation for Families

This package includes every member of your family living under your roof!  Includes 1 full year of support for every member of the family upon completion of the 10 sessions.

A family works best when it functions as a unit and every member contributes according to their strengths and abilities. Often organizing is not taught in the household, yet it's extremely important how to learn how to organize, prioritize and make decisions quickly and easily. 

The whole family will learn how to organize themselves first and then as a family work together to create new habits and systems that contribute to a happier, healthier family. 

Over 10 weeks everyone in the family will work directly with Alison to learn:

  • The basics of organizing
  • Merging form with function
  • How to make decisions based on your inner gut
  • How to turn "weaknesses" into strengths
  • How to work together as a team
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Please call: 646-831-9625 if you have additional questions or prefer to book your appointment Time on the phone.  If you'd like to send photos, please send them to: akero314@gmail.com

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