How to Become a Better Shopper & Organize Your Closet Permanently By Setting Boundaries

Shopping is a major part of the organizational experience. Ensuring you make smart purchases is half the battle in keeping clutter at bay, but when you shop without setting boundaries it's often very easy to bring home garments you don't like, use or need. Those unwanted and unnecessary items lead to clutter, chaos, confusion and waste your time, money and energy. They also lead to an unkempt, depressing looking closet filled with stuff you don't like wearing. 

It's important to enlist the help of boundaries when you set out shopping so you make smarter purchasing decisions. Boundaries help us make the right decisions to ensure that we are aligned with our priorities. Knowing our priorities and setting boundaries help us to make smarter, self love based decisions, which help us create happier, healthier, more productive lives. With that in mind, these 3 boundaries can help you become a better shopper and help you keep an organized closet filled with clothing you like permanently. 


20 Wears Boundary:

Shopping becomes easier when you search for items you can visualize wearing at least 20 times before getting rid of it. Another way to do this process is to ask yourself realistically how many times you think you might wear the item - choose a number that works for your lifestyle and stick with it.

-Helps eliminate "shopping high" purchases that are awesome until you get them home and then they sit in the bag until you donate them

-Eliminates the possibility of buying cheaply made clothing that won't last for 20 wears

-Forces you to buy what you truly love rather than stuff that you kind of like or is a quick fad

-Better for the environment


Easy to Repair/Clean Boundary:

Most of us lead pretty busy lives so buying clothing that is hard to clean or difficult to repair should something happen is usually not a good idea. Ask yourself before you shop what effort you're willing to put into the care of your clothing and then purchase items based on your honest answer. You may realize that machine-washable clothing is your best option for your busy, never-getting-to-the-dry-cleaners life.

-Easier to clean means more likely to wear more often

-Easier to repair means the shelf life of the garment is longer and will look great longer, too

-Helps you buy items based on the reality of your life rather than the fantasy a silk shirt may hold 

-Less time, money and effort wasted on cheap clothing that falls apart

Fit and Fabulous Boundary:

If it doesn't fit and look fabulous on you at the store, don't buy it. I don't care if you're planning on losing (or gaining) weight or not. Never buy something that doesn't look amazing on you at the time of your purchase. It is a waste of your time, energy, money and self-esteem. You deserve to look great and feel fabulous now and your wardrobe should reflect that. Stop looking to the past or the future for how you "should" look and look fabulous now, no matter what you look like. 

-Helps you feel more confident, which leads to smarter decision making

-Buying clothing you look amazing in now will ensure you always shop smart and create a beautiful wardrobe that you want to wear

-You're worth it, duh