Turning a "Should Do" Into a Want to For Organizational Bliss

I'm sure most of us can admit that we'd like to be more organized than we actually are. It's not as if we don't know the benefits or that we fail to understand the process and yet, for some reason, we still don't take action. There's no purging, the piles still remain and when the topic comes up we nod and say, “I know. I should get organized...” but then nothing changes.

So you know you should get organized but you're not taking the steps which means you're not reaping the myriad benefits (more money, happiness, better sleep, less stress, etc) but what you may not realize is that there's a reason for that inaction. Luckily there are also solutions and steps you can easily take to reach your own personal organizational bliss so here are 3 reasons why you may not have taken the steps to change yet and some helpful tips to change that should into a want.

1. You're Just Not Ready Yet: I remember the first time I tried to quit smoking cigarettes. I knew I should because it wasn't healthy for me so I quit on my 25th birthday and I actually lasted over 2 years but I also missed it the entire time. I then spent another several years quitting and taking it back up again and it was an annoying cycle to be stuck in but I still enjoyed smoking too much. The last time I quit I wanted to so badly I can't remember what day it was or whether or not I bothered to finish my last pack. I was just done and trying to quit was irrelevant, I was so ready that it just happened and I've never once missed smoking since. I even find it weird that I ever even smoked to begin with. Yet at one point in my life, I loved being a smoker. Why is that?

The reason I was successful the last time (nearly 10 years ago now) was because I wanted to quit, not because I should quit. Sometimes you're just not ready to make a change in your life, even if it is a positive change. It took me 3 years to turn into a vegan and I'm still not 100% there yet. To even get to where I am, I had to wait until I was ready and then I took action, but I also took a lot of baby steps so that the process would be easier for me. By waiting until I was really ready, it helped me to take shame, guilt and fear out and just let allowance and acceptance to fuel my decision making process. As for you and your success story, the more you allow yourself time to change, the easier it will be to make those positive changes so give yourself a break. Rome wasn't built in a day so why would you be able to do any better?


2. You're Thinking About It the Wrong Way: “Organizing is hard.” “Organizing takes too long.” “There's too much stuff.” “I don't know how.” With this line of thinking, the process of doing anything can all of a sudden seem nearly impossible. What if you thought about ice cream the same way as organizing? “Getting to the ice cream shop is hard.” “The scooping process takes too long.” “There's too many flavors to choose from.” “I don't know how to lick a cone without it melting.” See? All of a sudden going out for an ice cream cone seems like a chore rather than a fun and tasty outing.

Sometimes it can be as simple as changing your perspective so here are some new ways to think about organizing that might make it feel fun or at least easier:

A. I get to go shopping for free in my own home and I get to keep everything I love and dump anything I don't!

B. I get to pretend I'm Indiana Jones and I'm looking for (and only keeping) the true treasure I find in my own home!

C. I'm doing a cleanse that doesn't send me to the bathroom every two seconds but instead sends me to a donation center and I'll end up looking and feeling fabulous when I'm finished (and so will the people who buy my gently used clothes)!

D. I know that choosing to surround myself with the best of who I am will benefit me and everyone I come in contact with and this makes organizing now a really easy decision for me to make. I choose to keep only the best of me.

E. There's a good chance I will either find money or find something I can sell if I go through this stuff. 

F. While thinking about the entire project is overwhelming to me, I realize that all I need to do is start by choosing one item to make a decision on and I don't need to finish today or even tomorrow to know that I'm making progress.


3. Why Bother or When I Realized Apathy Was Now My Bestie: Sometimes you feel like the only way you can get through it all is to just shut down and hope it'll be over quick. However, when life feels chaotic that is actually the best time to start decluttering because the clutter is precisely why your life is chaotic.

Apathy starts when you're so overwhelmed that you shut down to protect yourself but if you aren't careful, you can stop caring about anything and that's not a happy, healthy or productive way to live. When you start to let go of the stuff that really holds no meaning, it can help you get back in touch with your emotions that you've shut away. Getting in touch with these emotions then allows you to choose to keep the happy one's and choose to let go of the not-so-happy-one's. When you only see, experience and have what you like, life suddenly looks better and it makes any not-so-great thing that may come along in the future a lot easier to handle. 

Start with the easy decisions and work your way up to the hard one's. It will keep you motivated and by the time you get to the harder decisions, you'll be more used to the process, making the decision to keep or toss a lot easier on yourself. Toss out what doesn't matter to you and what isn't working anymore. The more you choose to let go of processes, systems, people, activities, papers and other junk that isn't helping you become a happier, healthier, more productive person, the better life starts looking and feeling and you're worth experiencing this for yourself.

Sometimes asking for support is the best way to help you start a new habit. It's not always easy to change your mindset and having a support system cheer you on and help guide you through your changes makes it easier. Whether you choose to make new changes in your life on your own or you elect to have support, remember to support yourself and cheer yourself on – you're taking new steps and not everyone has the courage to make changes.

As always, you can ask for support by signing up for a session with me or purchasing my products or reading my blog or following me on Social Media. Whatever method works best for you. I hope you enjoyed my article and if you have suggestions or comments on ideas for other topics, I'm always open to listening!