It's Always the Little Things

Earlier this week I was speaking to Randi Fine on her Blog Talk Radio Show, Love Your Life and she was saying she had been inspired to get rid of a dress that she was waiting to fit back into. We always seem to feel we'll be happier "when" (as in when we lose the weight, earn the money, find the right mate) but we forget to remember that we have every right to be happy now. We also forget that happiness can mean a wardrobe full of clothing that look and feel great on you now, not just in the past or future.  After speaking with her about happiness I felt inspired to make a few changes myself. After all, I'm a person who has dedicated myself to decluttering, finding systems and organizing so I had better make sure I practice my teachings myself.

My apartment had recently had some work done so some of my furniture had been moved around to avoid paint splatter. Since I had to move things anyway, I decided to make a few changes in where I was placing a few of the pieces. In fact, within 3 rooms I simply switched the places of two pieces of furniture, changed a few pieces of artwork and removed a total of 10 items. This wasn't a big job and I think it took less than 2 hours tops but what amazing changes took place!

1. I feel much calmer and as if I am in new space...because I am. While the location hasn't changed, the energy has.

2. The flow in each room is better. Now there is light provided by my window in my reading nook and I find I am using my dining room table in a much more functional way. I'm also finding that even though I moved the table less than 10 feet away from its original spot, it's easier to reach and use.

3. My entryway and office are now actually free from clutter just because I moved a few things around that made better sense to me. My bench where I keep my shoes are now out of sight when I'm in my living room and by moving another piece, I was able to create a space to keep my junk mail out of view until I'm ready to go through it. Switching these two pieces also creating the illusion of making a "mud room" in my entryway.

4. I'm now able to enjoy a painting I absolutely love more because it's in my line of view more now that I've moved it. I also removed a wall hanging I've owned for 20 years because while I love the original and the artist, it's one of those starter art works everyone owns and I no longer enjoyed looking at it.

5. The artwork in my living room now is evenly spaced and has a less cluttered look after I removed 2 items and placed them elsewhere so I could enjoy seeing them more often.

6. My bedroom looks and feels more homey and restful and because I've removed the temptation to put my clothing on my chair (by putting throw pillows and my favorite childhood stuffed animals on it), I will no longer be as tempted to not put my clothes away at night.  If I do, the chair is now next to my armoire so it's much easier to pick the clothing up and put them away first thing in the morning if I feel too tired at night.

It's often the smaller changes we make that seem to have the most lasting effects. Making small, self love decisions about what is right for us, right now can help us continue moving forward in the right direction. While sometimes it's easy to take these steps on our own, often a support system helps make any project easier so don't forget to hire help if and when you need it.