Why it's Not "Just a Pair of Shoes"


We all have stuff in our homes that we keep way past its shelf life. I've noticed we tend to keep them because they are comfortable and we've just always had them. Maybe even feelings of warm fuzzies arise when we think of that old sweatshirt from college or our worn-thru fuzzy slippers. What we're doing is seeing those objects as they used to look when we first purchased them rather than seeing them as they are or what they can represent to us in the now. This isn't to say if you do have a pair of ratty old slippers that there's something wrong with you, what I AM saying is that sometimes it's good to take a look around and wonder what we've filled our life with and WHY - whether that's regarding our choice in what we wear, how we spend our time or who we spend our time with. 

So back to the comfy shoes. How we dress makes a difference. Why? Who do we see the most of throughout the day? Ourselves!  What we see affects our mood, whether we notice it or not. If you don't believe me, go to a store, stand in the middle of it and look around. See how you feel. Is there an energy about the space? Do you feel as though you can organize your thoughts or are all the various items for sale distracting you? Now go to a spa and stand in the middle of one of their rooms. See how you feel. Is there a difference energy to the space? Do you feel as though you can organize your thoughts without distraction?  Do you see how people are behaving in one manner in the store yet very differently when they are in the spa? 

Our eyes see ourselves, our homes and our office spaces most often during the day and our eyes, whether we want them to or not, are usually seeing and then judging, everything they see...including and most especially, ourselves! So the more often we choose to wear these old but comfortable items or even just keep them in our home, the more we see them. The more we stop noticing that we might have stopped taking other small, but important self-care and self-love practices out of our lives. Perhaps we stopped using make up or eat more potato chips than we used to allow ourselves.

These tiny steps of self care are the most crucial! They lead up to the big changes. So take a look around and see what you've stopped noticing in your own life. Are you allowing old shoes to remain when a newer pair that will look AND feel great are just waiting for you to buy them? Can you imagine how great you'd feel wearing a new pair of shoes? Are you still saying "yes" to committments that take time away from your real priorities because you've just "always done them?" Do you feel tired when you think of those old responsibilities that no longer have any meaning to you? Do you still have people in your life whom you really don't care for anymore just because, "you've always known them?"

Anything or anyone could be an old worn shoe. Choose to believe you are worthy of support in all aspects of your life. Choose a new, supportive, colorful, comfortable pair of shoes. Choose supportive ways to spend your time so you feel energized and happy. Choose supportive friends, family and colleagues who help you achieve your goals and leave you feeling happy and healthy rather than drained. 

Today could be the start of a big change in your life and it could start with a simple pair of shoes. Are you ready to let go of the old and maybe not so comfortable ways? Are you ready to choose joy?