Weight vs Wardrobe

Too Fat, Too Thin & My Wardrobe is a Mess!


Woman Organizing Clothing

I frequently work with new mother's who are adjusting to their weight constantly fluctuating and their bodies changing and as a result, they struggle with trying to figure out what clothing to keep and what to toss. This doesn't just ring true for new mom's, but for anyone whose weight may have changed a bit over the years.

How do you know what to keep if you think you'll be losing weight soon? Do you keep your heavier weight clothing in case you gain the weight back? The fear of the unknown ends up causing us to become stuck and we simply just keep it all, “just in case”. The problem with that is that all of a sudden we have a wardrobe that is too large for the space we have and it makes it difficult for us to remember what we have and where to find it.

So here's some ideas on how you can determine what to keep and what to toss when weight loss is (hopefully) in your future.

  1. Keep Only What you Love. Seriously, if you have a pile of old t-shirts that you're keeping because “one day” you may fit back into them and you describe them as “old t-shirts” then let them go. Keep items that you know look great on you because it's a positive way to encourage yourself to get back to your old size.

  1. Keep Timeless/Classic Pieces. Sometimes it takes a little longer than we'd like or expect to get back to our old shape. Keeping classic pieces will ensure you'll always look great. Items that don't currently fit that are more “trendy” can be let go of because when you get back to your old size, you're not going to want to wear outdated clothing.

  1. Be Realistic. If you have limited space in your wardrobe then you can only keep what you have space for. This means letting go of, “one day” because you need room for right now. If you've had these “one day” items for over 5 years then it's probably time to realize that your body is comfortable at its current weight and let go of your old life. Sometimes the act of letting go allows new things to come in.

  1. Give Yourself a Break. Do not use shame as a way to motivate your weight loss. Do not think in terms of, “when I'm thin my life will be better”. Your life is NOW and at THIS weight. Accept it and choose to love yourself because you're worth being loved. Choose clothing that fit you well now and make you feel amazing. You deserve it. Waiting for “one day” means you miss out on a lot of great now's. Choosing to spend your time shaming yourself because of your body is a waste of time and energy. When your body is ready, it will lose the weight and if that doesn't happen, that's okay, too.

It's okay to keep a few items if you have space. I have a dress that only fits well when I'm very thin and another that only look great when I've put on a few pounds. I keep them both because I know I have the space and I also don't look at the dress and think I'm less than simply because I fit into one versus the other. It's okay to hang on to items that make you feel happy and good about yourself. What's not healthy is hanging on to the past because you believe it was better. You can't go back and hanging on to a wardrobe of what was won't help you create the future you deserve.