How to Organize Your Winter Wardrobe .

This winter’s frigid temperatures have us all bundled up. Hats, gloves, scarves and boots are this season’s must-wear, not because it’s fashionable, but simply because we’re all freezing. These items can end up creating a lot of clutter in your home, especially next to the front door. While the clutter is adding up, so is the time you spend looking for that lost glove or boot. So how do you keep all those extra accessories organized and easily accessible? Here are some tips to keep everything close by and handy while keeping clutter at bay.

1. Keep everything by your main door. Walking farther into your house increases the possibility of misplacing items and cluttering your home. Storing your outerwear in a single place will reduce wasted time spent on searching for lost items the next time you leave your home. If you’re short on available space near your door, only choose the outerwear items you wear the most often — you can always switch items when the seasons change.

2. Use baskets to separate your items. Depending on how many people live in your home, designate baskets by individual person or by category. Baskets come in a range of sizes and colors, so you can easily pick one that works with your home and lifestyle. Remove unnecessary items by making sure each glove has a pair, all items are in good condition and that you still like them enough to wear. Remember, just because Grandma made you a scarf that makes you itchy, it doesn’t mean you have to wear it (unless you’re visiting Grandma).

3. Use hooks or hangers to hang your scarves and coats. If you don’t have a closet near your entryway to hang your scarves in, install a few hooks to hang your scarves on the wall or front door. You can also hang them from a coat rack if you have the room. Hanging hooks will also help if you have a lot of coats but not enough space in your closet. The more easily you can find your coats and scarves, the less time you waste.

4. Use shelving to store your favorite boots and shoes. You can have shelves that start from the ground up, or be creative and hang those shelves on the wall featuring your favorite boots and shoes as artwork.

By only keeping the items you like and use, you can easily maintain the space near your door and store your favorite winter accessories for easy access. Stay warm!

Alison Kero started organizing in 2004 when she owned her first company, Gotham Concierge. At the end of 2012, Alison started ACK! Organizing, which she thought described the feeling most of her clients felt when faced with the amounts of clutter they had accumulated and are also her initials. Alison’s approach is to work directly with the client to teach them the tools to get and stay organized based on who they are. She believes the client needs to work directly with the items they’ve collected so they can let go of the past and move toward a freer, more organized future.

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