Total Home/School/Life/Work Transformation for Families

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Total Home/School/Life/Work Transformation for Families


This package includes every member of your family living under your roof!  Includes 1 full year of support for every member of the family upon completion of the 10 sessions.

A family works best when it functions as a unit and every member contributes according to their strengths and abilities. Often organizing is not taught in the household, yet it's extremely important how to learn how to organize, prioritize and make decisions quickly and easily. 

The whole family will learn how to organize themselves first and then as a family work together to create new habits and systems that contribute to a happier, healthier family. 

Over 10 weeks everyone in the family will work directly with Alison to learn:

  • The basics of organizing
  • Merging form with function
  • How to make decisions based on your inner gut
  • How to turn "weaknesses" into strengths
  • How to work together as a team
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Session 1: Clothing

Identifying Like, Use, Need - learning to use intuition, Closet Organization & Products, Storage for Off Season

Best spots to sell, donate, recycle unwanted items

Rooms Organized: Bedrooms, Closets

Session 2: Books/Magazines

Identifying who you are in the present/letting go, Categorizing, Storage, Setting Boundaries for Clutter Elimination

Best spots to donate, sell, recycle unwanted items

Rooms Organized: Library/Den/Living Room

Session 3: Kitchen

Creating systems in the kitchen, Expiration Dates, Best Items to Buy in Bulk, Products for Organization

Best spots to donate, sell unwanted items

Rooms Organized: Kitchen/Pantry/Dining Room

Session 4: Bathroom

Maximizing small spaces - Samples, Expiration Dates, Bulk Items, Storage Products & Systems

Best places to sell/which items to trash

Rooms Organized: Bathroom/Linen Closet

Session 5: Knickknacks/Artwork, etc.

How to let go/fear/guilt/shame - Storage, Form vs. Function

Best places to sell, donate or have items appraised

Rooms Organized: Living Room, Family Room, Basement, Attic

Session 6: Papers

Creating filing systems - What to Keep: Legal vs. Other, Bills/Taxes & Setting Up Systems, Shredding/Paper Removal

Best places to shred/Recycle paper

Rooms Organized: Home Office/Den

Session 7: Office/School

Learning Productive Behaviors and Systems, Eliminating Distractions, Setting Up E-Systems

Session 8: Schedule/Time Management

Identifying & Eliminating Time and Energy Suckers - Managing Your Time, Increasing Productivity, Outsourcing & Delegating

Session 9: Photos/Memorabilia/Sentimental Items

Identifying guilt, fear & shame, Positive vs Negative, Organizing Solutions for On and Offline ,Tips & tools for purging emotional & physical clutter 

Best Places to sell, donate or have items appraised

Rooms Organized: Any

Session 10: Setting & Identifying Systems for Storage

Storage Facilities, Storage Products, Hobbies

Rooms Organized: Basement, Attic, Shed, Yard, Garage