Total Life/Home/Office Organization for Individuals

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Total Life/Home/Office Organization for Individuals


Save $500! by paying for all 10 sessions at once! That's less than $150 per session. Includes 1 year of support upon completion of 10 sessions.

Perfect for individuals looking to learn new skills and tools to clear out physical, emotional and spiritual clutter in their homes, work space and lives. In just 10 sessions Alison will map out a personalized plan to help you clear out clutter in your entire and help you keep clutter away forever. She will also intuit which blocks are holding you back and help you to start making decisions that lead to success.

During your sessions, Alison will help you prioritize your goals and then map out a plan of action.  She will also:

  • Determine whether to sell, donate or trash any items no longer wanted. Alison will then help you determine the best source for you to sell or donate your items.
  • Research and recommend furniture and/or organizational products to help you achieve your goals, if needed.
  • Teach you how to increase your storage space by decluttering and arranging your items to look more attractive and utilize less space.
  • Provide ongoing support and guidance to help you determine your current organizational blocks and teach you simple techniques to easily move past them.

Sessions can be booked either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly but should run consistently for best results. 

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Session 1: Clothing

Identifying Like, Use & Need, Feng Shui for the bedroom, Closet Organizing, Off Season Storage

Identifying which products to use, & finding best places to sell, donate or recycle items

Rooms Organized: Clothing closet & Bedroom

Session 2: Books/Magazines

Who Are You Now? - Categorizing, Storage & Setting Boundaries for Self

Best places to donate, sell or recycle magazines & books

Rooms Organized: Library/Den/Living Room

Session 3: Kitchen

Setting Systems for ease and practicality, Expiration Dates, Best Items to Buy in Bulk, Functioning Effectively in Your Space

Best places to donate or sell your kitchen ware

Rooms Organized: Kitchen/pantry

Session 4: Bathroom

Making the most of small spaces - Samples, Expiration Dates, Storage & Organizational Products

Whether/where to donate or trash items

Rooms Organized: Bathroom/Linen Closet

Session 5: Knickknacks/holiday/artwork/tchotchkes

Merging form with function - Storage, Guilt/Shame/Fear vs Value, Positive vs. Negative Items

Where to sell, donate and get items appraised

Rooms Organized: Living Room/Family Room/Den/Storage/Closet Storage

Session 6: Papers

Creating filing systems - How to Spot Systems for Ease, Products, Legal Papers vs. Other Papers, Bills/Taxes & Systems, Keeping Your Identity Safe/Shredding

Where/how to recycle or shred paper

Rooms Organized: Office/Den/Other

Session 7: Office/School

Creating systems at work/school for maximum productivity, Personal/Professional Systems, Eliminating Distractions, Tackling Email Effectively, Productivity

Best products for office space

Rooms Organized: Home Office or Professional Office/Cubicle

Session 8: Schedule/Time Management

Identifying & eliminating time and energy suckers, How to Effectively Track Time, Productivity, Eliminating Time Suckers, Outsourcing vs. Delegating

Session 9: Photos/Memorabilia/Sentimental Items

Identifying guilt, fear & shame and directing them into positive behaviors _ Letting Go, Family Obligations

Product Solutions both On and Offline

Session 10: Setting & Identifying Systems

Simple tools for every day use for purging both physical and emotional clutter - Identifying & Eliminating Self Sabotage Behaviors, 'Should' vs. Choice, Identifying Your True Path/Learning Effective Decision Making