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How? Organizing is is accomplished when you make two decisions; 
1) Do I like, use and want to keep and item?
2)If yes, where do I store this item so I can use, find and enjoy it?
We become stuck in our stories, guilt, shame and fear and suddenly we stop making any decisions at  all and our lives, health and stuff can quickly get away from us. We look around and our lives are filled with all sorts of clutter that doesn't make us feel good and we feel blocked. 
By learning how to organize, we can begin to build upon our decision making skills by engaging with our senses of touch, feel, and sight to help us choose which items spark true joy in us. We are then left with a space filled with the truest expression of ourselves. Once we've built up our decision making skills on tangible items, we can then easily transfer that skill to all aspects of our lives.
Imagine a life where decisions are based only on what brings us joy and is for our best and highest good. Imagine what we would choose. Imagine what you would choose.
That's why I developed my Transform programs. To teach you the easily transferrable skills of decision making to organize your space and help you create the life of your dreams, one joyful decision at a time.

These organizing programs are easy to follow programs that quickly and easily transform your space into one you've always dreamt about. Some of the benefits are: 
  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Level of Happiness
  • Ease in Maintaining Space
  • Increased Level of Memory Retention
  • Increased Decision Making Skills 
  • Ability to Create Organizational Systems that Last
  • Increased Decision Making Skills
Visit my Transform Yourself page to find out more about my programs or to schedule a private session with me. 

Alison Kero from ACK! Organizing teaches a fun, easy exercise in finding the difference between your "stuff" and your belongings to help you get and stay organized.

Learn how to fold everything you own in a way that will help you have more storage space in your drawers, will help your clothes last longer and is super easy!