Alison Kero, CEO of ACK Organizing

Alison Kero, CEO of ACK Organizing

About Alison Kero

When Alison Kero became a decluttering expert in 2004, she already had nearly 8 years of experience organizing busy CEO's and executives at financial institutions and associations, so it was a seamless transition that allowed her to continue her search for the best productivity and organizational practices for herself and her clients. However, it wasn't until 2015 while recovering from an illness that she discovered what getting and staying organized really involved. Clutter wasn't just physical, it was emotional and spiritual as well. This realization led her to develop a system using what she calls her "5 Main Organizational Steps". This process has allowed Alison to start transforming her client's lives in a more meaningful, empowering and lasting way. She also found that as the physical clutter leaves their lives, the emotional and spiritual clutter are easier to identify and remove as well. What is left is an easier, happier, more authentic life. In fact, Alison has found that health, happiness and productivity levels all rise when they stick to the Main 5 and that these steps are particularly helpful during times of stress or when they can feel themselves being triggered into self-sabotaging the positive changes they're making. She has continued working with the process ever since and is now happily sharing her methods with anyone willing to listen and learn.

Since embarking upon her adventure as an entrepreneur, Alison has been sought after as an organization and productivity blogger for such online publications as:, and Yahoo!Finance. She has also been interviewed by US News & World Report, and many other online publications for her expert opinions. In 2011 Alison wrote her first book, "How to Fail at Business" which shares lessons she learned owning her first two businesses. On a fun note, while not for decluttering purposes, throughout her career she has been fortunate enough to be invited to appear on the Dr. Oz Show, the CBS Morning Show and the Mike Huckabee Show and has been featured in articles in the NY Times and and appeared in an internal Mastercard commercial and you might even be able to spot her in the background as an extra on an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm that guest starred baseball player, Bill Buckner. Alison is also a frequent guest on podcasts around the world, has spoken at various associations (such as the National Association of Women Business Owners- NYC chapter and created a lecture as a continuing education course for NYC lawyers) and shares her tips with other blogs when asked. Alison is also a member of the Changing Behavior Network; a radio-style podcast & blog supporting emotional and behavioral well-being in our young people.

Alison combines organization, interior design and feng shui to help her clients create a space that truly defines who they are while creating a workable system to help them continue to achieve their goals. Alison recognizes there are myriad solutions when it comes to creating an organized life so by listening to her clients she can help them identify what's holding them back and keeping them stuck while developing a organizational system solution that's tailor made for them.

Thanks for visiting ACK! Organizing and when you're ready to create positive change in your life, drop me a line.  -- Cheers, Alison Kero



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