We all love home improvement projects. Some of us so much we'd rather do it on our own with a little guidance rather than calling in a professional. We can save money, feel a sense of self-empowerment or maybe we're just private about how and/or where we live. Whatever your reason- these MP3's are great for self starters!

Transforming Your Bedroom for Better Rest

Enjoy the benefits of hiring an organizer at a fraction of the cost! 

In this MP3 Alison walks you through an entire private session based on creating your perfect sleeping space. You'll listen along as she explains the easy step-by-step process of how to conquer clutter in your sleeping space for more rest and relaxation in your life! 

Possible Benefits to Creating Your Perfect Space:

  • Better Rest
  • Higher Productivity Levels
  • Improved Health
  • Reduction of Stress Levels
  • Elevated Levels of Happiness and Joy


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Conquering Emotional Clutter

Professional organizer Alison Kero tackles the subject of emotional blocks like guilt and shame that keep people from getting and staying organized. They often are such strong feelings that resistance comes up and keeps people from not only achieving many of their goals but also keeps them trapped in their own physical and emotional clutter. Alison then shares with you ideas and tips on how to conquer those emotional triggers so you can finally free yourself from clutter for good. Use these techniques and tools to help you organize your space and life. 

Emotional Triggers discussed are: 

  • Feelings of Lack
  • Unworthiness
  • Fear of Failure
  • Perfectionism
  • Procrastination

Learn how to become aware of those feelings and the steps you can take to let them go for good!

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Transforming Your Wardrobe

Save money while enjoying the same benefits you would by hiring Alison Kero for a personal session! In this MP3 Alison will guide you through the simple steps she would in a private session so you can learn to create a wardrobe you truly love. One where you can easily see and find all your favorite clothing and keep clutter at bay for good. Using the energy of Joy, Alison Kero teaches an easy to follow system to conquer clutter and create a joyful wardrobe. Possible Benefits Include: 

  • Helps with Focusing
  • Promotes Productivity
  • Feel Happier
  • Save Time & Money

Please download this within 24 hours and save to your computer to continue using this product. This seminar lasts approximately 45 minutes.

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Creating the Perfect Paper Trail - Organizing Your Filing System

Perfect for do-it-yourselfers! 

Learn the same step-by-step instructions on how to clear out your paper clutter for good you would if you hired Alison to come to your home or office but at a fraction of the price!  In this MP3 you'll learn what you need to keep for tax/legal reasons and what you can get rid of.  You'll also learn the best methods to keep unwanted mail from cluttering up your home and create a new, easy system that works for you. Say good bye to papers piling up and feeling overwhelmed by the seemingly endless amount of paper in this digital age.

Possible Benefits:

  • Increased ability to retain information
  • Stress reduction
  • Increased productivity
  • Save time
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Eliminating the "I Can't" in DeCluttering

Resistence and struggle are the 2 most difficult steps toward conquering clutter for good. For this reason many people find the support of a professional organizer to be extemely beneficial. Listen in as professional organizer, Alison Kero shares all of her top 21 favorite reasons why people get stuck when trying to unclutter their lives for good. Listen in as she takes those reasons and shares solutions that are simple and easy to use to help you live a less cluttered, easier and more joyful life.

Possible Benefits:

  • Increase your decision making skills
  • Learn to how to get out of your own way
  • Learn the truly simple steps to get organized using the energy of joy
  • Eliminate clutter for good
  • Increase Storage
  • Increase joy and energy within your home

Please save this download immediately to your computer. This is available for 24 hours only.

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Planning a Successful Move

Planning a move can be extremely stressful. Listen to this 45 minute webinar to learn the easy steps you need to take to plan a really easy move. Perfect for singles or families, professional organizer Alison Kero discusses every step you need to take and how to tackle some of the challenges you'll face. You'll learn: 

  • The 3 most important companies to contact before you move
  • Easy steps to take to help you let go of old belongings that will no longer serve you in your new space
  • How to plan ahead so you take care of yourself and your children the day of the move
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