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How people feel about organizing is exactly how people view exercise. Some people love to exercise and it comes easily to them, others do it because of the benefits but don't really enjoy it and still others hate it and refuse to exercise despite the myriad benefits.  So what if I were a body work coach and I told you that if you gave me a short period of time, I could easily transform your body into the perfect body for you? What if, simply by focusing on developing one muscle at a time, you could transform your life for good? What if, the act of developing your muscles actually started to feel fun after awhile and what if, after all your muscles were developed, you could easily maintain your best body forever with minimum effort? Would you be interested?

This organizing program is just like that analogy, an easy to follow program that quickly and easily transforms your space into one one you've always dreamt about. Some of the benefits are: 

  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Level of Happiness
  • Ease in Maintaining Space
  • Increased Level of Memory Retention
  • Increased Decision Making Skills 
  • Ability to Create Organizational Systems that Last

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Alison Kero from ACK! Organizing teaches a fun, easy exercise in finding the difference between your "stuff" and your belongings to help you get and stay organized.

Mary is a fashion lover in desperate need of a closet makeover. With two young kids, a husband and a recent move to New York City, Mary has had little time to get herself organized. Fortunately, we've called in professional organizer Alison Kero who will turn Mary's disorganized closet into a tidy, fashion-friendly space and give you tips on how to achieve this in your own home.